I invite you to travel to the world of transformation and change.

This will be a journey that we take together, in a canoe for two, without a helmsman.

One oar is held by you and the other by me, so it is vital to row together and in a coordinated way to reach the other shore.

But, to which shore and why?

We will go to the other side of your pure and luminous mind because we are now on the side of the mind darkened with wrong or negative thoughts so we do not understand how things really are. For this reason we impulsively cling to people, objects, and circumstances that we believe give us true happiness, and on the other hand, we reject with all our might everything that we consider will cause us suffering.

And why should I do that?

When you have a pure and luminous mind, you are able to be more aware and careful of everything you think, say or do in order to obtain positive results.

By transforming your mind and being happy you can also have a healthier body and you will be able to love yourself and help those around you. You become a factor of positive change in your home, your work, your community, your country, and the world.

Are you coming aboard?

Products & Services

DAKNANG – Food supplements

Mindfulness -Single pointed & Analytical

MyMat – Healing device

Tagdröl Method – The sacred art of healing



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