MyMat Switzerland

MyMat is the only Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) device that reconnects your cells, helps your self-healing process, and transmits the frequencies of the earth to live a healthy and balanced life.

Scientists helped Healing House to measure and identify all the signals and vibrations emitted by the body. They transformed the healthy and balanced information into software and, through a very sophisticated antenna system, it can be transmitted in a perfect language for your body to understand. This restores the self-healing and harmonizing power of your being.

Our body, our organs, and our cells communicate in fascinating ways through frequencies. MyMat works with PEMF, the same language with which our cells communicate.

Researchers have made significant advances in healing by understanding life and its interactivity at the cellular level, since the quantum leap. Each cell influences the whole system of electrical charges and vice-versa.

A blockage of the flow of information causes disease, while the proper flow of it maintains health.

With MyMat, we can inject the missing information generating the correct electromagnetic frequency, and thus reconnect the missing link in cellular communication. It requires a small amount of electromagnetic information to stimulate healing.

The latest in technological advancement

MyMat is the first PEMF device to connect through an App with your mobile phone -iPhone or Android, or tablet.

You can do your therapy while lying down, working, walking, or doing your housework.


Sleep improvement, immune system strengthening, anti-aging, stress relief, energy boost, weight control, digestion activation, circulation improvement, pain reduction, detoxification, meridian balance, chakra balance.

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