Tagdröl Method


The Tagdröl method is an original self-healing and therapeutic system created by Mercedes Udaeta from Barcelona, Spain. She based this method on Buddhist tradition. The word  Tagdröl means “liberation by contact with sacred objects”.

It comes in packs of seven laminated cards containing texts and powdered sacred relics. The patient places one card on each chakra.

Mercedes creates each Tagdröl pack with a unique combination of elements that can contain over 100 different texts.

The powdered substances come from monasteries, initiations, rituals, sacred places, and the generosity of Tibetan Masters, who have given relics and all kinds of blessed objects.

The Tagdröl laminated cards have the quality of awakening in people their highest energies and their highest potentials, which are asleep under layers of memories of pain and limitation.


In this video, Tulku Pema Wangyal Rinpoche explains what a Tagdröl is and its benefits, and Mercedes Udaeta presents the Tagdröl Method book.

Available only in Spanish.

Available options:
  • Tagdröl packs for self-application.
  • Therapies to clear energetic obstructions.
  • Essential Tagdröl Therapy Course.
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