DAKNANG herbal food supplements are liquid herbal extracts made from biologically active constituents of wild Himalayan plants and other natural substances.

These products contain a unique composition of plants rich in biologically active substances, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, which help to compensate for the deficiency of macro-elements and trace elements in human nutrition stemming from excessive physical activities, unhealthy lifestyle, and unbalanced diet.

We offer a selection of unique herbal food supplements, which are created on the basis of Traditional Himalayan Medical Science Sowa-Rigpa.

The products are formulated in Asia and produced in Europe , keeping in mind the needs of Western consumers

Dr. Sherab Tenzin

Dr. Sherab Tenzin, who is a famous Sowa-Rigpa medical science teacher, is the heart of DAKNANG and is in charge of renovating and improving old formulations and creating new ones, in accordance with ancient medical texts and based on his more than 20 years of clinical and research experience.

He is the chief physician of two traditional medicine clinics in Nepal. In addition to medical practice, he established several high-altitude plantations of rare and protected medicinal plants in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Our global goal is to improve people’s lifestyles by helping them make positive changes in their lives, prevent health disorders instead of incurring expensive treatments, enjoy well-being and longevity, and not be dependent on curative health care .

We are building a bridge between East and West by creating vital products, combining ancient Eastern knowledge of healing and the latest Western innovations.

A drop can change everything!

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Cardiovascular system,
blood purification

  • Daknang 16 – Formula Cordio

Gastrointestinal, metabolism,
and gastro-urinary system.

    • Daknang 6 – Costus Power
    • Daknang 7 – Metabolism formula
    • Daknang 108 – Balance
    • Daknang 13 – D-equalize formula

Nervous system, balance,
and mental harmony

    • Daknang 2 – Herbal sinergy power
    • Daknang 15 – Chill formula

Musculoskeletal system,
healthy hair, nails & skin

    • Daknang 5 – Turmeric power

Find the right product for your needs.

Unique Products:
  • Himalayan plants and minerals
  • Ancestral recipes
  • Supervised by Dr. Sherab
  • Innovative extraction technology
  • Effective and easy to take
  • Made in Europe

Mental clarity, cognition,
yoga, meditation

    • Daknang 100 – Meditation formula
    • Daknang 1 – Awareness formula

Energy stimulants,
cognition enhancement

    • Daknang 5 – Rejuvenation formula  
    • Daknang 25 – Longevity formula
    • Daknang 69 – Libido formula
    • Daknang 18 – Wild Ginseng power

Immune and respiratory system,
daily detoxification

    • Daknang 10 – Daily detox formula
    • Daknang 3 – Precious formula
    • Daknang 9 – Himalayan Nettle power
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